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Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 12:17 p.m.

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Hello again!
First of all, I'm not really a guitarist. Like, I can only do rhythm and shit. And a few guitar solos. What I've put in my YouTube, I don't know how I did. I just follow tabs, tutorials or whatever. I studied guitar for a short while, but I can't really call myself a "guitarist" because I'm not. I just play guitar. But I'm not really that good. I'm a PIANIST. And it pressures me a whole lot when people want me to become lead guitarists in bands because WHUUUTTT I can't do that. My guitar even just costs 3k.

Sometimes, I wish people could realize that I didn't finish a music degree to just session or be part of bands to play in bars. I only joined one band (Himitsu Heiki) because they're my friends to begin with and I love Japanese pop music than any other pop/rock music from the west. I'm very picky with people but my parents are even more picky. I graduated from college with BOTH my parents driving me to and from school. I never commuted. Not even one single day. So my parents... they don't let me meet people just like that. It's a bit of a hassle, but I kinda got influenced by them already. I know it may sound really greedy but I've kind of become business minded. Would you ask a dermatologist to pop your pimple for free? You could pop your pimple or ask someone else to do it of course but if you want it in the hands of a professional who really studied and practices, then you ought to pay him. RIGHT?! Beethoven said, when you're good at something, don't do it for free. Do you get my idea? Artists work like that, much like how a call center agent says hello all day and gets paid 25k a month. It's not greediness. It's fairness. And not many people in music understands that because there a lot of "musician" nowadays who only make a hobby out of playing music. But what about them professionals? Those who worked for a degree? People need to be enlightened by this. Of course, some FRIENDS ask for my time to play with them and obviously out of friendship, you would get shy to charge them but maaaaannn... Whatever. Musicians need to eat too, y'know. Don't take it against us.

But right now, I'm kinda having a hard time with this, since people are asking me to play for them in their bands and stuff for "fun" and stuff like that. They think it's fun of course, but well, it's not that fun for me coz lol I don't know. Again, I didn't finish a degree just to play a I-IV-V progression 8 times a row in a bar where people just drink and smoke and don't really listen. I didn't finish a degree to be like that. There are musicians for those kinds of places. I don't think I'm one of them. And I don't know how to make the people out there understand that simple fact about me. Boo.

"No" is the word that I should learn how to say. Unless they let money talk. RIGHT?

Lately, it's been busy. I thought I could breath and play videogames all day but NO-NO. I guess the work never really ends.

Okay I'm sleepy now. Goodnight.

Friday, October 14, 2011 @ 12:38 a.m.

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Monday, October 3, 2011 @ 11:05 p.m.

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Just wow

I know I haven't blogged here in pitas for the longest time but honestly, ever since I went to all those whatever sites like Tumblr or Wordpress, I never really got to properly express myself, or the things that have happened in my life.. stuff like that. Maybe because I'm too conscious about the idea of these "followers" who I don't even know who read the things that you know... only I can really relate to. And I don't get the reblogging idea in Tumblr either. -_- I think this website will forever be, my one and only online garbage can where I can just write whatever the hell I want. Because one: Not many people really know that this site exists (except maybe for high school friends because this site is 6 years old LOL) and two: it's just very sentimental to me. Imagine having this site looong before all that Tumblr hulabalu.

Anyway, now that I've explained all that nonsense, I've got some reporting to do. I'm finally DONE with my college life. And I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. 3 days ago, I just had my graduation recital and it was quite an experience. Everything from the beginning of my first year up to 3 days ago was one hell of a roller coaster ride.

The Rachmaninoff Concerto no 2 used to be just a dream. Playing it properly was just a dream... But playing it with an orchestra was beyond anything I could've imagined. I was just really blessed that my mom and dad were so generous that they gave me an orchestra. And even more blessed that I fell under the hands of a really talented professor who knew the piece well.

All throughout my days in UP, I never had one dull moment. It was the best place any Filipino could study in. I learned so much (not just academically), met so many people, had lots of trouble with different things but in the end, those troubles were the ones that highlighted everything. Or rather, they gave that extra oomph. Everyday was like a level in the game Portal. There's always a puzzle, a challenge, but God gave you that Portal gun in the form of a brain and all you have to do is find your way out because in reality, there's ALWAYS a way out. Am I getting geeky or what?

And what a way to end my 5 years of happiness - through an exclamation point in the form of Rachmaninoff. I'm just so happy. Words couldn't explain it. The sense of fulfillment is something else, really... maybe because I worked for an entire year. Yup, that entire repertoire took me an entire year. I know I didn't give a flawless performance of everything (especially some of my short pieces) but my goodness... it was so difficult to get through. Like walking into Mordor. And after you're done, you just don't care anymore. All you know is that you've done it. And I can't believe I've done it. Sometimes, I don't know how I even do it. Like, maybe someone's possessing me or something...

Anyhow, lemme get this chance to list down my favorite experiences in UP, while they're still fresh in my memory. :_;

Chilling out at Sunken Garden with friends during an afternoon
Bb. GClef
Trying so hard to pass badminton but in the end wasn't able to so I got a grade of 5.00 lol!
Puerto Galera for the subject Geog1, getting drunk by the beach, then snorkeling while having a hangover.
First time I got 1.25 in my piano exam and getting that scholarship
The piano competitions (and winning some)
Cutting MuL14 to watch the movie Enchanted
Getting drunk at Cantina and Tomatokick during noontime and in between classes
Flaming Wings and all that lunch out with friends
Parties, parties, parties, puking and not flushing, puking at the bush beside the gate of our house
My birthday party at home, Val's at 19east and Cel's at Serendra
Edsa Shangri-la, Enchanted Kingdom and Subic with the Dudungs
Eng11 project where I composed the music for our play, Richard Cory and eating a one-day-old chick just to be able to write a poem
Orosman at Zafira
Jet going to school to visit me and to have lunch
The birth of Trinoma and Technohub (I was 2nd year)
My weird 3-hour break-up with Jet. But we did cool-off for a month. But now we're still madly inlove.
All those death-defying performance classes hahahaha
Walking and walking from Marine Science to Physics while soundtripping - (BEST)
Swam in the water during Ondoy because an idiot groupmate still wanted us to have a group meeting despite the terrible rain. STUPID MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT I'LL GET YOU SOMEDAY MOFUCKER!!!
Piano ensemble classes, art of accompaniment, band and orchestra, Mul135-first names of them composers, class dismissed!!!
Lantern parade when I was in 3rd year (gift from Sir regalado jose where no one went to his class, party at sir agot's house, starbucks commonwealth, lanter parade, technohub, BEST)
My 2nd recital where I skipped like a broken cd at the opening Scarlatti but who cares?!
Graduation day where I was almost left out of the line lol
CWTS in Cityhall where I did this map of the Philippines while always having KFC hot n crispy chicken takeout for lunch
Beethoven 9th symphony when I was in 2nd year
And a whole lot more... Thank you God, for giving me this awesome life. None of this would've been possible, if not for You and your graces. I love you, Lord~

And now, I'm off to do some accompaniment. Next time, I'll make a list of things that I want to do that i CAN now do. So much to do, so much time, that's wealth. <3

Friday, September 23, 2011 @ 01:23 a.m.

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hello stupid world!

Well well well well weelllll hello again and I just wanna say that I'm kinda going nuts as of this moment so pardon me for any uh whatever random shit that's randomly going out of my mouth from time to time in this useless post. Hmm.. yeah I think it must be the CWTS FEVER.

Oh yeah... THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WENT TO MY RECITAL BY THE WAY! I've never felt soooo special in my life.

You can see the pictures HERE and you can watch my videos HERE (which includes the ff):

Okay let's just put some pictures then...



Thanks mom and dad!


With my friends from Gamer Clan.:D


Kitty, Chi, Mel, Gunts and Dyan. :D


UP Tiklado! (During the reception)


My teacher, Ma'am Quinto <3


Hello, Puppy! :*

Phew... Glad it's all over!

So yeah it's SUMMER but it's RAINING which means that the WEATHER is fucking CRAZY! A little bit just like my head right now because I'm dizzy with this chair I'm sitting on. I can only wish that the weather won't be as crazy as I am this Saturday coz I'll be bringing the dudung club with me to SUBIC. WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Also lately, I've been playing the old school TOMB RAIDER IV in my PSP because I don't have the Ipod Touch that David has. CWTS is also breaking my fucking ass from all the sitting from 8-5pm while uh... playing Monster Hunter or Tekken. HOW COOL IS THAT FOR A 6 UNIT SUBJECT?!

Here's also a guitar video of me playing DUH, guitar. It's from the game sonic the hedgehog from the dreamcast and it ROCKS MY SOX even though I never got to finish it because my PIRATED CD lives up to its name.

And yes, make way for THE 50mm lens that I recently "ACQUIRED" through my special skill called "MUG".

Target: DADDY


And lastly, please add up MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT because I'm such a stupid noob in there with only 30 friends. Never thought I was so anti-social since this (and CWTS).

That's it for now. I think my head's gonna go "poof" in a while...


Mika's Recital


In memory of Tiara...


Yellow Mellow Day


Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 07:58 p.m.

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Hi! You're all invited to watch my first solo recital on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 5:00pm in UP Diliman College of Music, Abelardo Hall.


Prelude and Fugue no. 22 in Bb minor - BACH

Sonata no. 10 in G - HAYDN

Etude Tableau op. 39 no. 6 - RACHMANINOFF

April Morning - KASILAG

Scherzo no. 1 in B minor - CHOPIN

Pagodes - DEBUSSY

Concerto no. 2 in g minor - SAINT-SAENS

Entrance is free + reception after the recital. :) See you!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 @ 07:17 p.m.

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hello again + jazz fest + some other stuff

Behhh! I can't believe this. School work's piling up one after another. Dead line is 2 and a half weeks before I step into inferno (aka room 109) once again but this time, with only 60-70% preparation. Yeah... Hahaha.. I even did a really organized schedule of the remaining 2 weeks before the you-know-what and according to the schedule, I should be doing my lesson plan for music ed right now and NOT blogging.


2 weeks ago, my friends from the college mika, val, jesper and jorem bought 2k worth of tickets each just to see our super mega ultimate cutie and awesome of an idol pianist, HIROMI UEHARA and GOD WERE WE LUCKY TO SEE HER IN THE FLESH!!!! Damn!

Jesper, Val, Me and Mika waiting for HIROMI for her workshop!!!

The day was just so long and yeah I'm lazy to go over the details but here are just a few (but notable stuff) that happened:

The morning before the concert, Hiromi held a workshop at Dencios in Rockwell and played some of her hit songs for us. While we were waiting in line though, I swear I was sooo ready to take a picture but the moment she appeared before me very eyes for the first time, I WAS SO STARSTRUCK I COULDN'T PRESS THE SHUTTER! (But who cares I was able to take lots of pics after anyway lol). We were lucky to be able to sit infront during the workshop too and see her damn fast fingers. WOAAHHH IT WAS LIKE WATCHING YOUTUBE LIVE! I swear I was about to cry just watching her... T__T It was like a dream come true ya...


Forgot what she played here but OMG still lol!

It was more of a question and answer thing actually, there were a lot of questions asked but when asked about what she usually practices, she said that she actually practices a LOT of classical etudes, specially rachmaninoff and chopin etudes - she even turned one chopin etude into jazz! I was able to ask her one short question about her compositions and turns out, she actually notates her compositions for her band but she plays her solo works only by memory... YEAH I WAS ABLE TO TALK TO HER NO WAAAAAYYYY....

After the workshop, we waited a while for the concert itself to start.

Waiting in starbucks and loitering all over the place outside the rockwell tent lol. Val and I were wearing killer heels too, thus sending our feet to oblivion.

With TONY GREY aka the bassist of Hiromi!

By the time it was an hour before the concert, we decided to wait in line already so we'd get good seats (coz it's free seating). However, after one and a half hour of waiting in line, things turned out really bad coz the lining up system was kinda stupid and all the old people falling in line refused to wait for another hour outside. We were somewhere in front so we were able to actually hear a lot of cursing and shouting LOL WHAT A FUN FRONT ACT THAT WAS!XD

Of course, all the impatient people outside were able to get in... AND FINALLY GET TO WATCH HIROMI!!!

I managed to crawl my way up to the front and take some close-up pics of her. *faints* Thank God for my SLR YA!

She played songs from her new album, Beyond Standard and even had her own version of Debussy's Claire de Lune. Wahhh! Wonder how Debussy would react if he heard it.:p It was really good though!


YEAH! Good thing they had one encore performance, which made the entire crowd turn wild. :3

After the concert, we were sooo hoping to get a picture WITH her but the stupid bouncers and guards were just sooooo stupid DAMN STUPID LOSERS WITH NO LIFE BAH!

After Hiromi, it was party time part 2 with SPYRO GYRA! :D

YEAHHH! SHAKER SONG!XD This time, we got the VIP seats, thanks to this Japanese guy who took OUR seats and didn't want to move. Because of this, the organizers gave us the very front seats instead.:3

Before the concert...

During the concert!

Jazz is awesome. I can't believe I was so much into noisy, thrasher rock when I was in high school. I mean wtf was I thinking dude? Jesus...


What the hell is marc abaya doing here?

Here are some videos of hiromi uehara, just in case you people don't have any idea of who she is.:D

And yeah, Hiromi and her entire band are all from Berklee School of Music.:p

Of course, this awesome day wouldn't have been complete without them guys (mika, val, jesper and jorem) ;)

You're all invited to watch our Art of Accompaniment Recital too. Entrance is free.:D (I did this poster btw heehee!

As of now, I have 4 lesson plans to complete, sir agot's suite to practice, the carnival of the animals to practice, art of accompaniment recital pieces to practice, arrange a folk song for a symphonic band with some 10 instruments, study for music literature and of course... CLEAN UP ALL MY PIECES FOR MY RECITAL!

"If you're lazy to practice, then you should just quit right now."

- Hiromi Uehara. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 @ 08:04 p.m.

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Our piano org in school called UP TIKLADO, (which I am damn lucky to be part of) held 4 concerts for the entire month of February and I performed at the very last concert together with dudung Mika. Too bad we didn't get a recording though!!! Tsk... I'll make sure to record more performances next time.

(LOL NO THAT'S NOT ME!) This is the piece we played last night... only we had nicer clothes... AND no horrible horror-movie make-up...

But congratulations to everyone who performed!

GO TIKLADO! (and voice majors!)

Everybody looking all grand, (part of performance practice)

Love the dudungs...



And before I forget, Puppy suprised me last tuesday night with this cute plushy who currently occupies one-fourth of my bedspace lol. Thank you, Jet! *kiss*

Also, this Wednesday, I'll be performing in the UST Conservatory of Music together with the other winners of the piano competition held last sememster. To my high-school friends from UST, please be there at 3pm.;)

Friday, February 27, 2009 @ 07:13 p.m.

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three years of love and laughter

Setting aside all my senselessness and gibberish talk, I want the entire planet earth to know how lucky I am to have met JERRICO TAN. No really. Most of you stupid people probably think that my relationship with him is just "puppy love" or that "we're too young to even take a relationship seriously" or all that "we're gonna separate in a short while coz there are a lot more beautiful girls/handsome guys out there" kinda shit.

Well, if you think that way about us, then let me give you a big FUCK YOU coz that's NEVER NEVER NEVER GONNA HAPPEN! Suck that up.

For one thing, when you say you love that person, you must really mean it. And not just mean it, but actually put it into action and excercise it. Puppy and I had some really bad times that lasted for months.. but because we have TRUST, RESPECT and most of all, LOVE for each other (I know I'm really mushy lol), in the end, everything would just fall in into place.


Puppy and I cut classes this morning (shhhhh! Don't tell! Specially you MAAN/VAL!) so that we could have time alone by ourselves. Coz y'know, it really sucks having to go on dates while your entire family is in the same area as you ALL THE TIME. T_T Boooohhooo... So this time, we decided to go to eastwood (despite the cruel heat) and just have fun alone together!:D

There's a new mall getting finished in there too. It looks a bit like Greenbelt 5 but with some interesting garden planning in the open areas.

Hellooo puppy! (In the new, empty eastwood mall)

Wait for meeee~ T_T

Wish I had one of those condos in background.. :p

Hope this finishes soon!;D

Muni muni...

I'm getting FAT for some reason...

Oh well...

LOL at Puppy's face!!!

lol at my height.. ~_~

We ate in Jack's Loft afterwards. YUMYUMYUM!!!!

...After eating, we decided to just sing karaoke (LOL!) coz it would be tiring to keep on walking and walking like retards under the sun. I LOVE KARAOKE! Dudungs, we should do this next time!

Curfew of the date was not 12pm but 3:00pm (!!!) coz Puppy still has classes. (See? Priorities...:p) Sucks but that's one of the downsides of escapade dates... just like those that we would go out on when we were still in high school.:) *memories* =^^=

I love you puppy! I swear I won't ever, ever, EVER replace you! Bleh! You're the best thing that's ever happened to me (aside from finally compteting Chopins Scherzo no. 1!!!) and I really thank God for all His blessing to the both of us and for giving me YOU! Happy anniversary, Jet!

Love is patient, love is kind and is not jealous; love does not brag and is not arrogant.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 @ 07:05 p.m.

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lazy not

I guess this new layout really makes me want to post more updates huh.

Much congratulations to SLUMDOG MILLIONARE for winning the Oscars. I happened to watch it last night on dvd and the timing was just right!:D It was a great movie by the way. Much better that Benjamin Button IMHO. Very realistic (talk about Benjamin Button being realistic lol), very dramatic, there were some funny parts, and I couldn't agree more with the academy awards!:)

There are no classes today so I guess I have more time to sit on the pc aside from practice for the entire day. Man it's tiring y'know! Physically and MENTALLY. I've been stuck with my Fugue for the past hour and a half and my brain just wants to get out of my skull and inhale. Damn you, Bach. Even though you evaporated from this earth centuries ago, you still cause such tremendous misery to thousands of people. Boohoo...

Anyway, now that I'm 20, I figured that I should stop being too vain and too full of myself in my posts (like I did this, I ate this, I went there, I had this, blah blah blah bullshit stuff). So, I'll start sharing some OTHER things next time.:D I'm just a bit lazy when it comes to embedding pictures coz pitas is soooo damn manual in every single thing and I HATE MANUAL HTML!!!

Will edit this later... T_T

Monday, February 23, 2009 @ 03:10 p.m.

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shopping madness!


Puppy and I watched CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC this afternoon and man was it ccuuuute!!! (Puppy said it was so-so even though he was laughing the whole time.~_~ Won't admit! LOL!) And I could totally associate myself with the leading lady, except for her magical credit cards. I don't have credit cards. I just have my "magical MOM & DAD" who I would hold-up from time to time.:p Bwahahah! I can't help it!

And of course, I had my own dose of shopping right after.:p (Thank God puppy doesn't complain at all lol!) Don't worry, I just buy cheap stuff. I'm no brand whore really. But I tend to do shopping by bulk @_@. Quantity over quality. Oh well, it's on how you carry your clothes anyway. Besides, no one notices if your clothes are worth P1000 just merely P200. (yeeess~!). But I have to admit, I have some clothes that I never got to were at all. One of the pathetic results of impulsive shopping. (Bad bad bad!)

Anyway, this is rather interesting, my fellow schoolmates.:p Try not to make so much fuss though, it's already hot enough in there.

Sunday, February 22, 2009 @ 08:56 p.m.

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good mornin

This morning, I woke up early to teach piano to 2 of my mom's piano students and maaaannn was it weird or whut lol ?_?. Now I kinda understand why my mom stresses out after a day of "begginers' lessons" all the time...

But it wasn't so bad. Coz aside from "harangs" aka rackets, I admit that teaching is one of the jobs that we musicians could really end up doing (which is I think, better that saying "hello" infront of a computer all night long). Blessed are we teachers though if we manage to get some "good" students who are quick to understand instructions and won't leave us shouting for an entire hour on just one single measure...

NO I don't shout at the kids... or at least, I try not to. Lol.

My recital's coming really soon too. It's on April 3 and it'll be my very first SOLO recital...


Okay bye time to practice again...

Saturday, February 21, 2009 @ 12:45 p.m.

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Okay so, I kinda forgot how this "blogging" thing works since y'know, it's been like forever. And I'm kinda... speechless...

OKAYYYY enough bullshit! Check out my latest post! It was a year ago! Which means I haven't talked to myself in a peculiar way for a year now. Wanna know why? Huh? Of course you don't.

Soo uh... welcome to the latest version of my beloved blog. And to those who used to visit me before, no, "hehe" was not the last version of Dolls, if you know what I mean..

Truth is, I kinda lost the time to blog since college life was just sooo fun and soooo unbelievbale that blogging seems to be something of a loser's hobby. Like whutttt dude? Don't you have a life or something? All you can do is write about your sissy life that doesn't even exist?

And of course, there was (and is and will forever be) my boyfriend who actually serves as my daily diary. Of course, we talk every single night so why the hell would I need to tell my daily stories all over again here?

But of course, it doesn't mean that I'm back to my old loser self now that I'm blogging shit once again. I just thought that I missed blabbering all this gibberish after a long time of school focus booohoo.

Also, don't expect me to be creating original layouts any sooner. I no longer have Frontpage in my pc and I've been struggling with raw html for the past 3 hours. So there... Besides, I think the layout's wonderful.:] Very much like a 20 year old me. BUT! Do expect more updates from now on. Man I missed this. (I tried blogging in multiply for a few times but I just can't say things properly while thinking of the people who would read it (ie. my contacts) but here, I'm FREE TO CUSS ALL I WANT AND BE AS NONSENSE AS SOME GUYS WHO THINK THEY KNOW A LOT ABOUT SOME STUFF AND LIKE TO TALK BIG AND COOL WHEN ACTUALLY THEY'RE BRAINS ARE ONLY AS SMALL AS THEIR PATHETIC DICKS!

to be continued...

Friday, February 20, 2009 @ 12:35 a.m.

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_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Happy New Year!

As if anyone cares lol! Well, just for the hell of it, I think it'd be nice to look back on the highlights of the past 12 months of my life, which in my opinion, were more colorful than a spectrum.


I had my birthday party at Mcdonalds with my beloved friends. Got lots of gifts too.:) Haha! It was really fun and my jaw hurt from smiling non-stop. What's the reason not to smile on such a special day? Yeah.:p


If I can recall, it was during these days that I turned psycho. I think being 18 makes you one... but nevertheless, Puppy and I "celebrated" our first anniversary, unfortunately without so much ease.:( On Valentine's day, he went to school and surprised me with a LARGE bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and Henlin Siomai to eat in Sunken Garden. It was the UP fair then. I gave him a letter in return and just thinking of that makes me wanna stab myself. I can't believe how stupid I was starting to become.:(


It was quite... the longest month of the year... not to mention, the hardest. Piano finals were held and you can never imagine how PSYCHO I was before the 30-minute trip to hell. And I thought I screwed up! But in the end, my grade was the SWEETEST grade I have ever had.:) But on the other side of the coin, I created Dolls ver. 14, which was the UGLIEST, FILTHIEST THING I'VE SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. And yes, I can't believe I was blogging down such STUPID NONSENSE for a whole 2 and a half months, saying "I'm confused" or "POS" or "I need time to think" and all that shit... including the 3-hour break-up. Well, now that I'm all sane and healthy again, I think I should just SHUT THE FUCK UP and never think about that again.

And Puppy...? I hurt him the most.:( I can't believe myself. Even now, I'm still guilty of everything I've done and I don't think I can ever make it up to him in this life time. Really.

The ice cream SUCKS by the way. I'm sorry.


...was just a continuation of the previous month but thanks to the salvation of the heat of SUMMER, I was able to clear my head off. I enrolled in the extension program and April 18 was the fateful day of reckoning. And yes, I was 1000% BACH AGAIN! But don't misunderstand. My feelings never really changed.:p


My family and I went to Baguio for a whole week. Quite a trip it was. Puppy also had his debut in Makati Shang (I'm not kidding) and I gave him Squishibles for his gift.:) Puffy and Squishibles are the cutest things next to Puppy and Kitty.:p

It was very hot during those days... Most especially coz Puppy went to Subic with me.XD T'was soooo fun! We played bowling, swam, ate, blah blah, sexytime, blah... you get it.:p

I thought I'd be joining NAMCYA too. But I think I must've been dreaming then. So much for the stage of stupidity, (the march-april era) it actually had an after effect in my brain and joining NAMCYA was one of them. I dunno... must've been too confident coz of my previous grade. Well, stupid me.

I also found out that I was a college scholar! Weee! My average was around 1.5- something... No, I'm not bragging!XD


Hello again to classes! Back to school, new repertoire, blah blah blah, I auditioned for the piano scholarship and OMG I can't believe I made it! And thanks to that, my tuition fee was refunded and I was able to get lots of shopping money bwahahaha!

There was a new mall that opened near our school too. It's called Trinoma and yes, you could see me there almost everyday.:p


I can't remember anything special here. But I think this was when I cut my hair and destroyed my fucken life.


There was one day in this month when Puppy got really mad at me, walked out and almost went home, leaving me in alone in Glorietta. What happens next is not for you to know.:)


So much for my scholarship money, my wallet and camera got STOLEN when puppy and I were watching a movie. But Dad was really generous and got me a new cam... :( Boohoohooo... Lol. That day was pretty fucked up. Puppy and I were searching all over the mall as if we'd know who the fuck took my bag when I was watching fucking Evan Almighty. Puppy even approached a random guy and insisted that he open his bag but lol the guy just got mad coz I think Puppy shouldn't go accusing anyone without even thinking.:p But it's okay Puppy!XD Oh yeah and we've been dating a lot during this month lol.


Nothing special really. It was my friend, Gian's debut this month but I got sick.:( And now she won't talk to me boohoohoo.:( I'm reallly soooorrry partner! But I hope you like the bag I gave you.:)

It was also the end of the 1st sem and omg I can't believe the grade I got in my major again! I'm just so blessed. I can't believe it... really... >,<

...which means here comes the next tuition fee refund of this sem!XD As long as I don't get a grade lower than 1.5, it goes on and on every sem. Must be consitent!!! >,<

Oh yeah, my friends and I went ice skating after the finals.:D I love my friends. You guys are the best. Yeah.:p

And of course, I bought myself a PINK PSP SLIM AND LITE and now I can never live without it.:)


(entry almost done!!!) Puppy and I went to this Planetarium thingy in Moa and it was damn wierd. I dunno how other people would feel. It was fun for me coz Puppy and I were just playing and goofing around with every singe thing but what about those families?? The place was so boring and tiny and it costs 300 bucks per person! Wtf? There was even this "game" wherein there were four bottles and you have to smell the inside and guess if the odor comes from either an anus, a foot, a mouth or I forgot the other one. And I had no idea it smelled that bad becoz it DID and I almost puked OMFG it was the worst stench in the world. Please... do clean your feet people...

Well, you get to watch this show about the planets and the universe, blah blah, but who gives a shit? Han Solo was even the narrator. Dammit.


Puppy and I went trick or treating too. It was quite the most awkward thing I've ever experienced coz we were the only adults amongst the kids... Hmmm... Shit...


Ralph gave me a pet duckling and it died after two weeks... :(

Oh well...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year was just so awesome! Despite lots of... uhhh... troubles... or... pessimism... or... shit... or... whatever. It was just a great year. :D

As for my new year's resolutions:

-practice the piano at least more than 2 hours everyday.
-lessen the cussings
-stop the impulsive shopper in me
-eat less
-but eat more vegetables
-lessen the PSP playing time
-be more positive
-be not a jealous girlfriend no more
-lessen high blood
-forgive Puppy easily (at least withing 30 minutes now)
-NEVER have a hair cut again
-sleep earlier (coz I've been sleeping at 2am everyday this vacation
-blog more often
-change this sickening layout


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